Henry Gold
Northern Massachusetts
Friday, 7:57 AM

Dear Internet Friends,

Without a doubt Tumblr(tm) marketing 2.0 is a hot selling course.

It is especially true if you own a *Killer* Tumblr marketing course on the planet. In fact, on one of the recent study, it indicates that if Tumblr is consider a country, it is the THIRD biggest countries in the world after China and India. Before I talked about how you can cash out from Tumblr marketing, here is the FACT about Tumblr(tm) and how you are able to benefit from it:
  1. There are more than 420,000,0000 (420 Million) registered Tumblr users.

  2. There are more than 217,000,000 (217 Million) Tumblr blogs..

  3. There are more than 99,000,000,000 (99 Billions) Posts on Tumblr..

  4. There are more than 113,600,000 (113.6 Millions) Tdaily posts on Tumblr.

  5. There are hundreds of thousands of marketers who want to learn how to market their products properly on Tumblr.
This is the reason WHY many marketers are trying their best to come up with the *LATEST* Tumblr marketing products. Of course, when those marketers know the right way to put KILLER products, sales copies, graphic designs, and other related components together, they should be able to sell their Tumblr course likes a cup cake. However, the bigger problem is...

Not only is it time consuming, but it also takes a lot of your valuable time "trying" to figure out which products are in demand and which products are just going to waste more of your time. On top of that, you are going to spend a whole lot more money to develop it.

What about the production cost?
What about the cool graphic designs?
What about the cost of fixing the bug issues of each program?
What about each feature that you put inside the software?
What about the sales copies?
What about the "Thank You" Pages?
What about the customer delivery process?

All of these processes take a lot of time. In fact, if you were to do it alone, it may cost you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for each product that you develop. This is the reason why many newbies can NOT afford to start online. They say things that Internet Business is the way of the past where only those BIG marketers with a lot of money in their bank accounts will be able to create killer products for their businesses.

Let's look into how much it will cost you to research, create, and launch your own product from scratch:

Of course, if you are NOT careful, you may end up wasting a lot of money to REDO everything from scratch. Well, it did happen to me many times where I had to spend a lot of sweat and tears to create the products from scratch. Some marketers have even told us that it will take them a minimum of SIX MONTHS to create one solid product. (Well, it took us four months to make this product available to you!)

This is the reason why we asked you to....

This allows you to FOCUS only on the "Core-Element" of business, which is to make money. For this reason alone, I have decided to give you:

This is NOT just a regular "mickey mouse" Tumblr PLR products you have seen on the Internet. It is a comprehensive training guide that allows your audience to build their business around Tumblr. In addition, each part of the course focuses on the MOST basic approach on taking the clients from doing market research, create Tumblr page, utilizing Tumblr features, attract subscribers, drive traffic to their websites, and much more.

Further, the course will provide your audience with a step-by-step guidance with a simple to understand screenshot. This allows YOU to look good in front of your audience. In return, it allows you to build LOYALTY among your clients.

"What Make PLRSourceCodes Different Than Other PLR Products On The Internet?"
  1. We did an Intensive Research to Make Sure The Product We Create will Help Your Clients Get Their Problems Solved Immediately.

  2. We Create Each Step of The Process in a Step-by-Step Format.

  3. On The Course, Bonuses, and Reports, We Use Graphic, Screenshot, Detailed-Examples to Allow Your Audience to Understand Tumblr Marketing Thoroughly.

  4. We Provided Your Audience With The Latest and Up-to-Date Latest Contents on Tumblr Marketing.

  5. Tumblr Marketing is an Hot and an Evergreen Product.

  6. You will Receive Highly-Converting Sales Letter, Squeeze Page, and Thank You Pages.

  7. You Will Receive Daily Follow-Up Messages Where The System will Automatically Provide Your Potential Customers With Up-to-Date Tumblr Marketing Strategies.

  8. You Will Receive All The Graphic in PSD, JPG, and GIF Format Where You Can ADD Your Name As An Author and The Owner of The Product.

  9. You Will Receive MS Word and PDF Format of Tumblr Marketing PLR. This Allows You to Make Any Necessary Modification to Build Your Business.

  10. We Created a Complete System Where You Just Need to Upload Your Product to Your Website.

"Basically, Everything is Already Done For You. You Just Need to Focus on Making Money
From Tumblr Marketing Course!"

-> You do NOT need to create your own product.
-> You do NOT need to create your sales letters.
-> You do NOT need to worry about professional graphics.

All you need to do is focusing on the "THREE" simple steps below:

Here Are Some Money-Making Ideas:
  1. You can add your name to the sales page. -- It means that you are the owner of the Tumblr marketing course 2.0. This allows you to BRAND yourself as the owner of the product. PERIOD.

  2. You can add your name on the product. -- YEAP, you can become an INSTANT author and creator of this product. This will give you a celebrity status in front of your audience.

  3. You can keep 100% profit on each product you sell. -- You do NOT need to share any revenue you make from each product that you sell. It is YOURS.

  4. You can upsell other products to the same customers. -- You can do a cross sell, upsell, and downsell. Every online entreprenuer needs these software products to run their business successfully.

  5. You can EDIT, ADD, or SUBSTRACT the content on the product.. -- It is completely your choice. You have the PLR rights to the product. It means that you can additional contents to the course to make it more powerful for your audience. (HINT: The truth is... You do not need to add more contents as we have created it in a step-by-step format.)

  6. You can use the squeeze page as a way to build your list.. -- As you will receive nine follow-up messages, you can ask people to do email swap with you, purchase solo ads, or even building their business with Tumblr in exchange for free e-newsletter (nine follow-up messages).

  7. You can sell this through dime sale events. -- Few days before the launch, you can create a BUZZ among your subscribers about Tumblr Marketing Secrets. Tell your audience that you are going to create a dime sale event where they MUST grab your product right away. This will create a "demand" within your audience.
Of course, there are so many ways you can "monetize" with Tumblr Marketing Secret 2.0 PLR especially this is an evergreen product. You can even say that the sky is the limit.

Take out your calculator and you will know how much it will cost you if you were to create this product from scratch. Even if you ask a freelancer to do it for you, chances are they may create a "screw-up" funnel system. WHY? Most of the freelancers are NOT Internet marketers.

Chances are... "Most freelancer will NOT know the types of business are working and the type of business that will max out your revenue".

PLUS... You can use this PLR and REBRAND it to your business in an INSTANT.

With the Tumblr PLR like the one you are looking at right now, I could easily price it at $997. Why? Tumblr Marketing is an evergreen product. This is the reason why I have decided to give you everything you see on this page for just $997 $47.

As I want you to maximize your revenue in your business, your audience will also receive a necessary *tips and tricks* to build their business around Tumblr ASAP.

This allows you to TURN your customers become REPEAT buyers for your business. This is the reason I have decided to give you four exclusive bonuses (Worth $197) for a limited time:

As we really want to build your business we have decided to run a 7-day special offer where you can get everything we have mentioned above including the bonuses for a very low price:

The Special Offer Price is $7
That's Right. It is NOT $997 or $47

It is $7 (Seven Bucks) But, as we are utilizing a DIME SALE method where the price will increase with every sale, I can't guarantee that the price will remain the same after an hour. It means that you really need to get it NOW.

Grab Your Copy Now:

Tumblr Marketing Secrets 2.0 PLR -- Henry Gold

As I want you to be as satisfied as possible with the product I offer, especially I put my reputation on the line in term of providing you the BEST quality product, here is something I would like you to have...

Do remember that this isn't going to be here forever.

As we are utilizing the "Dime Sale" method, the price will keep increasing with every sale. This is why I can't guarantee that the price will remain the same after an hour. It means that you really need to get it NOW.

Grab Your Copy Now:

Tumblr Marketing Secrets 2.0 PLR -- Henry Gold

See you inside...

Success is YOURS,

Henry Gold

P.S. Remember that this is NOT just a PLR product you have seen on the Internet. We have "DONE-IT-ALL" for you in term of delivering value, sales funnel, as well as helping you to maximize your revenue to your audience. This allows you to "LOOK AWESOME" in front of your audience on every product you deliver to them.

P.P.S. As I mentioned earlier, I am utilizing a "Dime Sale" method where the price will keep increasing with every sale. It also means that IF you click the refresh button or close this page, chances are you may NOT get the same price again. So, grab your package now at....

Tumblr Marketing Secrets 2.0 PLR -- Henry Gold

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